FDIME Announces Research Grants in 2023

The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) announces the availability of grants for EFIM Young Internists. The funding is intended for research projects dedicated to polymorbidity and other common conditions in Internal Medicine.
Up to 17,500 Euros is available, to be awarded for a maximum study period of 1 year.
Deadline for Receipt of Applications: 31 July 2023

Application Criteria / Eligibility

Young Internists/Researchers who are interested to apply must meet the following criteria:

• Be an Internist as defined by EFIM (refer to: http://www.efim.org/en/what-is-internal-medicine-913 )
• Be < 38 years of age.
• Be a member of one of the National Societies of Internal Medicine affiliated to EFIM, for at least one year before applying.
• Be able to submit a relevant project proposal. The project can cover translational medicine, basic or clinical research.

Important Information

• Grants will be awarded for a period of up to one year of study, and are not renewable.
• The objective of the Grant is to promote exchanges between European researchers enabling them to undertake research.
• The purpose of the grant is to provide financial support for the applicant’s lifestyle during the period of research. It is expected that the applicant will be occupied full time with his/her specified research study and not receiving any salary. The applicant is required to submit a budget plan itemizing expected living costs / travel expenses for the intended study period. The Grant funding is not intended to be used for organizing the research itself.
• The applicant must inform FDIME of any additional sources of funding that are available for the intended research study period.

For further details, download:
Internal Medicine Grant Announcement
Internal Medicine Grant Application Form – closing date 31 July 2023
General conditions

For further information:
Contact the FDIME Administrator email: sereni.daniel@gmail.com or loic.guillevin@orange.fr or contact@fdime.org