VALDIG-ERN-EASL Webinar: Management of pregnant women with vascular liver disorders and portal hypertension

11 de Outubro 2022 – 17h às 18h


1. Welcome (5’)

2. Management of portal hypertension in pregnancy
– What to expect of splanchnic hemodynamic changes in pregnancy – Arnulf Ferlitsch (10’)
– How to prepare a woman in childbearing age with portal hypertension to pregnancy – Filipe Andrade (10’)
– Management of upper esophageal bleeding during pregnancy – Marco Senzolo (10’)

3. Outcome of pregnancy in women with vascular liver disorders – Audrey Payancé (10’)

4. Discussion and final remarks of the panel (moderated by Aurélie Plessier and Filipe Nery) / Q and A session (20’)

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